Orange Chip Stocks

Orange chip is Bitcoin stock or Token Share in a Blockchain stock corporation also includes non-stock companies that uses convertible notes with a global community reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to operate profitably in good and bad times.

The similar term “blue chip” derives from poker. The simplest sets of poker chips include white, red, and blue chips, with tradition dictating that the blues are highest in value. If a white chip is worth $1, a red is usually worth $5, and a blue $25. Now just include the Orange Chip Bitcoin Standard for $50.

The orange chip is symbolic of the new type stock that the Bitcoin Community introduces to the World.

The new N.O.M.N.I index bitcoin base open market that list and follows Bitcoin Orange Stock chips is the Stock or Share base Orange-chip stocks that are generally the leaders in the Bitcoin community or industry. All companies and organizations in the Central Counterparty Trust are Orange-chips, but the N.O.M.N.I is an index that include all listed companies that are Orange chips.