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World Credit Union Account Types

Please use the following instructions below for deposit and settlement of all accounts!

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Please Make Initial Deposit to the World Credit’s Depository Account: Deposit FAQ

#Account StructureDescription
1 Cash Brokerage Account50 / ₿ 0.0050 Min-Monthly Balance
2 Trust Account100 / ₿ 0.0100 Min-Monthly Balance
3Health Savings Account500 / ₿ 0.0500 Min-Monthly Balance
4International Fund500 / ₿ 0.0500 Min-Monthly Balance
5Managed Broker Account500 / ₿ 0.0500 Share / Money Market
6Municipality Account∞500 / ₿ 0.0500 Municipality Securities
7Religious Fund1440 / ₿ 0.1440 Religious Fund
8School Fund1440 / ₿ 0.1440 School Fund
9401k / IRA Self Directed Account1440 / ₿ 0.1440 Retirement Fund

Individual Broker Accounts

An Individual Broker Account is for a single individual, much like a personal account with a regular bank. The account details apply to one person only and no one may share the account details for trading.

Shared Broker Accounts

A Shared Broker Account is one that is shared by a couple or a family, much like a joint account with a regular bank. It is also called a ‘family’ account because all members of a family may use the account number for trading. A Shared Account requires one named contact person who will be held responsible and accountable for all trading with the account.

Company Broker Accounts

A Company Broker Account is for companies. What actually constitutes a company is not defined but it includes normal registered companies and any other entity that operates like a commercial company. This could be an individual offering a professional service but who wants to be registered under a name other than that of an individual. The name displayed on the site will be the name of the company. A Company Account requires one named contact person.

As many company names are quite long, a shorter version of the name is required so that it is not truncated on drop-down menus. Often an acronym of the company name is suitable.

Organization Broker Accounts

An Organisation Account is for organizations. What actually constitutes an organisation is not defined but it includes normal registered organisations or any other entity that operates as an organisation. An Organization Account requires one named contact person.

As many organization names are quite long, a shorter version of the name is required so that it is not truncated on drop-down menus. Often an acronym of the organisation name is suitable.

Public Broker Accounts

Public Accounts are municipal accounts for government & public entities offering special services for the exchange or for its users. Public Accounts are similar to Company and Organisation Accounts but differ in that they are ‘open’, in the sense that everyone can see the full statement of account. This feature is provided for entities that are offering a ‘public service’, where users would have an interest in the honest running of the entity’s affairs.

Public Accounts also require one named contact person.

World Credit Union Investment Services program

What You’ll Need
World citizens or resident aliens with a verified address and 18 years of age please have the following ready:

Please make sure your direct offering ready!

After Completing your registration you will be contacted by a Smart Teller to receive your Global Credit Facility No. NMNIXXXX and choose your account type or you can visit one of our local community credit unions and open your local community World or Noocratic Credit Union account today! Please don’t forget to make your initial deposit using the form below after receiving your Global Credit Facility No. NMNIXXXX and choosing your account type.

List of local World Credit Union / Noocratic Credit Unions (Coming Soon).

Direct offering – Please Read Before Completing Your Registration!

Valid Drivers License | World ID | State ID
E.I.N / Articles of Incorporation / Organization

*Registration ID

Social Security Number / Tax Exempt Number / World Citizen Registration Number

*Voucher System – Federal Jurisdiction

Federal bank Account Number – Routing number

*Smart Contract System – Global Noocratic Jurisdiction

Bitcoin E-Wallet – Routing address

Government / Business Procurement Contracts*

  • Duns & Brad Number
  • World Citizen Registration / Employer ID No.
  • Social Security Number / Tax Exempt Number
    Federal bank Account Number – Routing number
  • Business Procurement Service Plan 
  • Valid Drivers License or State ID / (Travel Document) Passport

Managed Brokerage Accounts*

-POA (Power of Attorney)

-Fiscal Agreement

-Security Agreement

-Fiduciary- Bailment / Trustee Agreement

*Please Email Records

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9% Standard Benchmark Exchange Rate



*All Funds Conversions Denominated in World Currency 

Before you make a deposit or transaction in the World Marketplace you should deposited the same amount of tokenized cash or mutual credits in the account of the World Open Market. This alerts the Credit Union Administration you made a deposit & that you want it converted to Book Entry Credits as soon as it has been cleared. Below is details of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index (World Credit Union) Bank Account:
Account holder: World Credit (World Open Market Exchange)
Bank name: World Credit Union
Bank E-Wallet: 18SzD3cfwCcV9p6C38ho4uZPHE8ygVB9iq
Branch code: 041215663– World Credit Union Routing No.
Account No: 2071575009500 – World Credit Union Account No.
World Credit Union Account: NMNI0260 Mutual Credit No.
Deposits into the bank account of the Noocratic Open Market Nibiru Index
Deposits in Mutual Credit Enter transaction as a seller
*Retrieve Transaction report and Post Announcement with instrument image
*By direct transfer or by depositing digital fiat cash or a bank cheque.
*Please include your World Credit (NMNI) account number for identification.

How to Buy Bitcoin? 9% Standard Benchmark Exchange Rate What is Bitcoin?


By World Temple (Noocratic) Federal Credit Union


We are inspire to service the Global Public through the World Trust.


We strategize long term investments through WIA.


The World Central Bank is the Center of our Global Focus.

This is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase these securities or government contracts. Any offer or sales of tokenized Bonds, Notes, Bills and smart contract obligations that will be made only by a Prospectus or Memorandum. Certificates of deposit are a secure form of time deposit, where money must stay in the Creditbank or Credit Union for a certain length of time to earn a promised return. A CD, also called a “share certificate” at World Credit Unions, earns more from our standard 9% fixed interest Compared to other federal savings account. We are not a federal bank. Investments offered by World Credit Authority are not federal bank deposits or obligations and are not insured by the FDIC, SIPC or any other federal agency. All Investments may be insured by the Noocratic Insurance Depository Organization. Investors must rely solely on the broker-dealer Company’s or member clearing house or firm ability to pay principal and interest on its investment securities.