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World Credit Union Investment Services program

#Account StructureDescription
1Cash Brokerage Account50 / ₿ 0.0050 Monthly Balance
2Trust Account100 / ₿ 0.0100 Monthly Balance
3Health Savings Account500 / ₿ 0.0500 Monthly Balance
4International Fund500 / ₿ 0.0500 Monthly Balance
5Managed Broker Account500 / ₿ 0.0500 Share / Money Market
6Municipality Account∞500 / ₿ 0.0500 Municipality Securities
7Religious Fund1440 / ₿ 0.1440 Religious Fund
8School Fund1440 / ₿ 0.1440 School Fund
9401k / IRA Self Directed Account1440 / ₿ 0.1440 Monthly Balance
Please make initial deposit using Bitcoin / XCP *Exchange Fiat here

The World Credit Union Investment Services program is offered through The World Credit Union Capital Trust & NVC Fund Financial Brokerage Trust, a community regulated trader (broker / dealer) focused on serving all global village members. Noocratic Venture Capital (NVC) Fund Community Brokerage & Trust Services is an affiliate of the Ether Trust Group.  In cooperation with Noocratic Financial Brokerage Trust, we can deliver to you a comprehensive range of financial products and services designed to meet your needs.  As your needs change, we will be there to provide sound guidance.

No matter your stage of life, Investment Services at the World Credit Union sets you on the path to secure a brighter and more financially sound future.  Even as your needs change, our Financial Coach is here to help you develop a personalized strategy. (TBA), Financial Coach, will lead you in determining:

  • Investment goals and objectives
  • Time horizon
  • Cash flow needs
  • Financial resources



CD RATES: World Credit High Yield CD: 3-year APY 9%

CD RATES: World Credit High Yield CD: 5-year APY 18%

CD RATES: World Credit High Yield CD: 7-year APY 27%

These CDs have no minimum deposit, making them a fine choice for those on a limited investment budget. Even though there is no minimum deposit, the World Credit still offers very competitive rates for its 3-, 5-, and 7-year CDs. Customers can opt to receive interest disbursements every month, and can transfer those disbursements to a World Credit’s Online Digital Fiat Cash Brokerage Accounts, should they have one.


The Tokenized Bonds, Notes, Bills and Smart Contract Obligations are registered with the World Securities & Exchange Authority and with local state noocratic open markets securities departments in the state(s) where offered. The World Credit Financial Services offers Commercial Digital Fiat Securities to all qualified institutional buyers. Commercial Digital Fiat requires a minimum investment of 50,000 XCP/BTC and is offered and sold with maturities of 38 to 360 days. Commercial Digital Fiat is backed by the full faith and credit of the World Government and we encourage interested parties to request more information by contacting the World Credit Investment Center.

Negotiable Instruments: 

*List of ISO World Currency 

  • Notes |Bills |Bonds | (e)Checks
  • Government Obligations | 
  • Noocratic Economic Orders.|
  • Customs Receipts.

3 Month Contract ROI 38%

Starting at ∞100/btc bills

6 Month Contract ROI 72%

Starting at ∞1000/btc notes

1 Year Contract ROI 180%

Starting at ∞10000/btc bonds

Regular Shares.30%.30%
(50 minimum to open; 100 to earn dividends; Previous Quarter)
Entry IRA’s (0 – 9,999.99).30%.30%
Mid-Term IRA’s (10,000 – 49,999.99).30%.30%
Senior IRA’s (50,000+).38%.38%
MMAC (2,000 – 14,999.99).30%.30%
MMAC (15,000 – 49,999.99).38%.38%
MMAC (50,000+).38%.38%
NEO MMAC (Min. 100).38%.38%
World Civics Club.25%.25%

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield
Compounded Daily/Paid Monthly
A 90 day dividends penalty will be imposed for early principle withdrawal.

Check the background of this investment professional on WFA’s Broker Check.

World Financial Authority – WFA website:
World Security Exchange Authority– WSEA website:

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*Community Consultants or Coordinators with the World Credit Union Investment Services are registered representatives of The World Credit Union Capital Trust and NVC Fund Financial Brokerage Trust. World Securities sold, by community consultant services offered through NVC Fund Financial Brokerage Trust. (NIDO), member WFA/WSEA, a registered global community trader and community investment coach, which is not an direct affiliate of the credit union. NIDO is a global contract regulator the financial institution to make secured world securities available to members. Not NCUA/NCUSIF/FDIC insured, May Lose Value, No Federal Financial Institution Guarantee. Not a deposit of any Federal financial institution. The World Credit Union Capital Trust and NVC Fund Financial Brokerage Trust., is a registered community or coordinator trader all throughout the Global Village.
6 Month Share.45%.45%
6 Month Corpus Members Advantage.50%.50%
6 Month Trust.50%.50%
12 Month Share.60%.60%
12 Month Corpus Members Advantage.90%.90%
24 Month Share.90%.90%
24 Month Corpus Members Advantage.99%.99%
36 Month Share9.00%9.00%
36 Month Corpus Members Advantage9.00%9.00%
60 Month Share18.00%18.00%
60 Month Corpus Members Advantage18.00%18.00%
144 Month Master Bonds, Notes, & Shares.99%.99%

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield
Compounded Daily/Paid Monthly
A 90-day dividends penalty will be imposed for early principle withdrawal.

Learn how to make a direct offering before opening an account.


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